I’m a Project Management professional based in Toronto.

I’m probably the most passionate person you will ever work with. If you have a great project that needs some amazing skills, I’m your go to.


Companies I worked

for in the past.


Skyhigh Studios
Business Coordinator

Guiding projects through coordination, engaging in digital initiatives.


Alectra Utilities
Process Improvement

Engaged in projects aimed to streamline and harmonize processes.


Peel Regional Police Operational Planning

My passion for project management grew here, worked on social projects.


City of Brampton

Contributed to projects that championed green transportation solutions.


Stakeholder Communication

Developed through experience in managing projects, by setting clear goals, defining tasks, and outlining a roadmap to achieve project objectives.

Strategic Planning

Honed through diverse projects, including conveying project updates, addressing concerns, and ensuring alignment with overall goals.

Adaptability & Problem-Solving

Acquired through navigating various project challenges, showcase the ability to assess situations, identify issues, and implement effective solutions.

Philosophy & Values

Chasing the bigger quests in life has always been me at the core, the curiosity about existence, humanity, oneness with nature, and exploring the depths of life. Afterall, what makes us us? How can we be our truest, most alive selves, and experience the universe? While constantly chasing these questions, I am also learning to live moment to moment and wear my heart on my sleeve, like no tomorrow.

I try to bring these values of open-mindedness, curiosity, and innovation into everything I do.


Capturing moments as I live them. Here is a collection of some pictures I took.

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